What we do

What we do

Our project

The Aspire Projects are focused on three broad areas- aimed at bridging the gaps of youth
employment, poverty and crime:

Steps of the Aspire Vocational Training Program

1.Aspire Youth Skills Acquisition Scheme (Pre- Start-Up Program)

2.Aspire Entrepreneurial Bootcamp (SME Business Growth Program)

3.Educational Scholarship (Catch them Young (CTY) Program for indigent African children)

The Objectives of the Aspire Projects

  • Bridge the lack of awareness of the vast potentials of innovative and creative entrepreneurship opportunities available to the African youths;
  • Provide relevant role models and mentorship avenues, to encourage the identified youths and discourage negative social attitudes.
  • Provide relevant and adequate education and training programmes to nurture entrepreneurial attitudes and skills of the youths, to a sustained level.
  • Provide practical case studies of viable entrepreneurial experiences, which will propel the youths to starting viable business and engaging in global entrepreneurial practices.
  • Equip the youths with sound financial knowledge and resources, giving assistance and leads to external financing;
  • Expose the youths to extensive business networks and removing the foresighted market barriers,including a bias in financial markets from supporting youth-owned businesses and all forms of discrimination in their national and global product markets.