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Every year we take on a sizeable number of youths and fund their year- long training at a local, reputable training institute. The youths are able to choose from a number of different programs such as hairdressing, food preparation, clothing design, computer and electrical maintenance, and videography to name a few. During the year our staff deliver workshops on customer service, business skills, financial management, book keeping, as well as experience sharing opportunities with previous graduates and entrepreneurs/mentors. Post-graduation our team provides on-going support while the youth set up their businesses. We help our youths find apprenticeship placements where they can gain valuable on-the-job experience, fund the vocational training and provide seed capital through our partner agencies.
Aspire is happy to partner with organizations of every size, in diverse sectors, and from all parts of the globe. Through your support, we are and can close the gaps between the numerous African youths who are without jobs but are eager to work and build sustainable businesses for themselves and others like them. What they lack in technical and soft skills, we can provide with your support.

Local Businesses:

Building on the desire to support the unemployed youths, we offer linkage between the youths and the local businesses, to build practical capacities for sustainable businesses.
Our six-month to one-year vocational training initiative can only be delivered through partnership from great and willing local businesses, who are ready to teach the required skills to the youths which they pick out to train. We partner with several local businesses for this purpose through strategic linkages between the local businesses and the training providers (local businesses)

Corporate partners:

Corporate bodies can support our initiatives by investing in one or a group of youths. We run regular programs that require sponsorship and we constantly need support for good quality vocational training and ongoing entrepreneurial programs. We also seek corporate sponsorship and scholarship for the education of the indigent African children. The children are numerous as are their needs. The sponsorship covers tuition, educational materials, upkeep etc.

Educational institutions:

We constantly seek partnership with educational institutions who can take a few of the indigent children on reduced or no tuition charges.
Our partner institutions range from primary to tertiary institutions, with different scholarship offerings to the indigent children.


You can help increase opportunities for the next generation by a one-time donation, monthly donation, signing up as a mentor and/or a volunteer. Mentors and Volunteers can work remotely or be on group. Be assured that your donation and service will help provide youths with access to quality vocational training, expand their employment opportunities, and empower them to be agents of change.
Take action now and make a gift that will last forever!

If you’re interested in partnering, in any way, we kindly invite you to contact us using the contact form below.
Please note that our periodic Statement of Affairs will be attached for your viewing, on the Website.