Educational Scholarship Fund

Educational Scholarship Fund

Educational Scholarship (Catch them Young “CTY” Program -for indigent African children)

For many reasons, including HIV/AIDS epidemic, political instability and extreme poverty in some sub-Saharan African, many children are left orphaned and vulnerable.

Research shows that these vulnerable children are likely to face numerous risks resulting from the loss of protective factors such as stable home environments and economic independence – the risks factors being :-depression, suicidal ideation, exploitation, stigma and poor health and educational outcomes (UNICEF. Africa’s Orphaned and Vulnerable Generations: Children Affected by AIDS. 2nd ed: UNICEF; 2006 August 2006. 52 p.).

With a lot of support groups and individuals rising to the occasion of educating indigent and orphaned African children, there is still so much more to be done- millions of vulnerable children still not in school and a lot more engaging in hideous crimes at very tender ages, for want of educational sponsorship opportunities.

The Aspire Educational Scholarship programme aims to work at grass root level in targeted Africa Countries to promote education to orphans who are financially disadvantaged, with the aim of
breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and exposing the children to possibilities of bright future with good careers.

Scholarship shall cover the following sub-heads and shall be as applicable to the different level of education: –

  • Primary Level- Scholarship will cover Tuition and books (paid directly to the school account)
  • Secondary (High School)- Scholarship will cover Tuition and books (paid directly to the school)
  • Tertiary- Scholarship will cover Tuition, books, monthly living stipend to cover food and other academic costs and books (paid directly to the school account)

Eligibility to Aspire Educational Scholarship

Applicants for the scholarship must:

  • Be an orphan, having lost one or both parents
  • Be of African descent, residing in an African Country
  • Maintain above average academic progress
  • Be of good character and behaviour