Aspire Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Aspire Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Aspire Entrepreneurial Training Bootcamp (SME Business Growth Programme)

The Aspire Entrepreneurial Bootcamp helps growth-ready youth based enterprises in Africa, to succeed, at par with its global counterparts, through access to quality business support from approved service providers with our network, and support initiatives aimed at helping the businesses thrive, scale up and create sustainable impact globally.

We figure that with active intervention in developing the tangible and intangible business infrastructure of the African youth-based Enterprises, the cycle of poverty in many African countries will be broken and a more long term stability through sustainable labour market participation and nation building will be established.

The Program Objectives are in a nutshell to expose the business to:-

1.Vital, growth stage business knowledge (e.g marketing skills, customer service best practice,corporate governance, health and safety practices, etc) and develop leadership skills;

2.Help the youth entrepreneurs remain focused with ongoing workshops and mentoring

3.Exposure the Entrepreneurs to investment – ready business model and test them with investors

4.Expose them to how technology and new methods of thinking can be applied to improve business.

To qualify:

  • The entrepreneur should be an African citizen under the age of 40.
  • Applicant must be the entrepreneur/owner of the business and not an employee.
  • Applicant should be a ‘full-time’ entrepreneur.
  • Business must be resident in the following African Countries
  • Business must be operational for at least six months and not in the ‘idea’ phase.
  • Business turnover must be under $10,000.00 per year.