About us

About us

Aspire Youth Entrepreneurial Initiative is a non-for- profit organisation, registered in the UK and working with volunteers and international partners all over Africa, aimed at educating, empowering and equipping both aspiring and budding young entrepreneurs in Africa with sufficient skills-set, funding and business education, to succeed in self-employment. We believe in the power of youth-led development and therefore our focus is to help young people succeed in entrepreneurship, and by extension, in nation building.

Many of the African youths, equipped with eagerness and propensity for hard work, lack accurate business knowledge and finance limits, to grow their small businesses. This stunts the development of Africa as a continent and the potential of many creative and innovative solutions, to compete with global counterparts. The resulting effect is the continuous cycle of poverty and corruption. What Aspire brings is: learning, business acumen, mentorship program, business linkage with successful business brands and funding possibilities to aspiring and developing young entrepreneurs.

Our investment in the African youth is aimed at ensuring well rounded development through leadership, entrepreneurial and life skills, with the ultimate plan of getting as many youths as we can, to earn meaningful livelihood.

Our motivation is rooted in the belief that every young African deserves the opportunity to realize his or her full potentials and our dynamic entrepreneurship programmes are focused at doing just that.


To improve the livelihood of young people in Africa through entrepreneurial trainings, mentorship, business linkage programs and funding assistance for the disadvantaged youths
and children.


Our vision is to contribute to the establishment of many viable and scalable enterprises by young Africans, who would otherwise not be given a chance. We envision a future were every young African will possess the skills set and confidence to start and grow decent business enterprises and even world class brands.


We value the ideas, voices and goals of youth, understanding that young people want the
opportunities to take an active role in their society.

As the young entrepreneurs start new businesses, we’ve witnessed their power to create new jobs and help shape local economies. Our entrepreneurship initiatives give young men and women the foundational knowledge, training, and resources to start, lead, and grow small and micro enterprises.